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LUBRICANTs FOr passenger Cars

From developing specialized lubricants for competitive motorsport racing through to achieving greater fuel efficiency on our roads, Total is at the forefront of lubricant research and technology. Quality, durability and sustainability runs through the Total DNA and nowhere is that more evident than among our automotive lubricants.


TOTAL QUARTZ - The Track is our lab

THE LUBRICANT BORN FROM MOTORSPORTS. For over 45 years Total has competed in worldwide motorsports events, winning hundreds of victories and multiple FIA World Championship titles.

TOTAL QUARZ: Keep your engine younger for longer

Today’s engines are designed to be more compact. They do more with less, which causes them to run at higher temperatures, putting more pressure on the engine and causing faster oil degradation. As a result, friction between metal parts is increased, as is the risk of premature engine failure.

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