AZOLLA AF 46, 68

AZOLLA AF 46, 68

Anti-wear, ashless hydraulic oils operating under high pressure and/or temperature conditions.

Designed for high-pressure vane, piston or gear pumps and sensitive hydraulic circuits requiring absolute filterability of the fluid (very fine servo valve play): plastic moulding machines.

Suitable to any hydraulic system where the risk of contamination of the environment and waters exists and in any application where an anti-wear, high-performance oil is necessary: various movements, plain bearings and rolling bearings, reducers under low load, etc.

  • Excellent anti-wear properties ensuring protection of machine parts
  • Exceptional oxidation and thermal stability: greater service oil life and lengthening of oil change intervals
  • Does not contain heavy metals or zinc to avoid contributing to their accumulation in the environment


ISO 6743/4 HM
DIN 51524 P2 HLP
US steel 136, 127
SEB 181222
SAE MS 1004


Bosch Rexroth RE 90 220
Eaton Vickers I-286-S (Industrial), M-2950-S (Mobile)
Cincinnati Milacron P 68, P 69, P 70
DENISON HF0, HF1, HF2 (approval of T6H20C pump)