Quartz INEO C1 5W30

A high-performance engine oil based on synthetic technology that meets the latest specifications and recommended for both petrol and diesel engines.

This low-viscosity lubricant performs reliably under extreme conditions, handling sports driving to repeated start-ups as well as city and freeway driving.

TOTAL QUARTZ INEO C1 5W-30 meets the latest EURO IV & EURO V emission reduction specifications and is particularly suited to Ford, Land Rover and Jaguar petrol and diesel engines.

  • Long-term lubricant performance and quality is retained thanks to a very high oxidation resistance, resulting in outstanding engine longevity.
  • Advanced detergent and dispersion properties ensure maximum engine cleanliness and protection.
  • The low rates of sulfur, ashes and phosphorus (low SAPS) ensure the protection and durability of post-treatment systems in particular Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s).
  • Reduces environmental impact thanks to lower pollutant emissions.
  • Increases drain intervals, satisfying the most demanding manufacturer service plans by permitting extra-long oil change intervals up to 30,000 km.