Fuel Additives


Fuel additives are used in addition to fuel, in order to improve the performance of the engine: 

  • Clean the engine 
  • Increase power and acceleration with normal fuel – no need for expensive higher octane fuels.
  • Improve the fuel economy of the vehicle.

TOTAL has a dedicated range of after-market fuel additives which are specially designed with race proven technologies.

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  • Cleaner

    Complete Engine Cleaner Gasoline

    Complete Engine Cleaner Gasoline has special detergents which clean the injection system of the engine and reduce deposits up to 97%.

  • Octane Booster

    Octane Booster Gasoline

    Octane Booster increases the octane number of normal gasoline and boosts the power and acceleration of the engine.

  • Cleaner

    Complete Engine Cleaner Diesel

    The advanced technology of Complete Engine Cleaner Diesel can reduce the fuel flow loss by up to 30%* and hence improve fuel economy.

  • Cleaner

    Injector Cleaner Gasoline

    Injector Cleaner keeps the intake valves (injectors) clean and improves the performance of the car engine.